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What Clients Are Saying

“You have done a lot of great things for me by taking all your knowledge and using it for my benefit…I want to thank you…I have heard good things about homeopathy, but never expected it to be this complex…very holistic in the real sense. There are so many aspects to it. It has opened my mind to an entire new world of healing. It’s very impressive! Your approach is very impressive, and you do a good job of it, besides being very professional and knowledgeable. Also, very organized and I want to thank you…I think the fact you were able to unravel problems I have had urologically and metabolically and emotional, was pretty amazing to me and could come up with the solution. Adapting and changing…it’s a whole field. As a consumer, when I have gone to the health food store, I used to see all those remedies. It didn’t make sense to me…You certainly have shown me the science of it and the benefits of it. I am truly grateful for your help.” *

-O. R. over 60

“Prior to homeopathy, I had acute self-imposed worry, anxiety and poor sleep. Also, at the end of my day, my thoughts would be, when can I smoke or drink? That doesn’t occur anymore. I have emotional stamina and feel physically strong and up to the task rather than feeling sorry for myself and exhausted, feeling clearer and good about getting things done. Lately, clarity breads productivity and avoids procrastination. I feel more in control, and more satisfaction at the end of the day, and overall, my energy is a 10! This shift is a truly unanticipated change I didn’t really believe could occur as fundamentally as it did.” *

-M.R. over 62

“For more than a year I was suffering from serious shoulder and long-head bicep tendinitis. My range of motion was severely limited, and as a young an active guy, I found it intolerable to be unable to play sports, work out at the gym and perform routine day-to-day tasks. After several visits to a physiologist (which included a cortisone shot) and months of expensive bi-weekly physical therapy (which left me only minimally improved), I took a friend’s recommendation and met with Karen for a consultation. She is a believer in her practice, and is extremely knowledgeable. She carefully evaluated my situation, injury and goals for recovery, and proceeded to give me two specialized treatments [Massage] over the course of three weeks. As a result of these two visits, my functionality increased from 30% to 95%, and I am regularly at the gym and back to playing sports. I am extremely satisfied with Karen, and I can unequivocally recommend her services.”

-Jonathan, 33

“What started out as a Christmas gift certificate from my sister, has become a five-year relationship with Karen. Twenty-five years as a critical care nurse had taken its toll on my body and spirit. Karen developed a plan using yoga and massage to help relieve chronic neck pain, improve my body mechanics (specific to the caregiver's fatigue) and recover from the demands put on me during the week. She has a plan but adapts it to my specific needs when we meet. Each time we meet, I stretch, strengthen and recharge.” *

-Nancy, 47

“I was suffering from stress and overexertion. My lower back and shoulders hurt. I had to sleep in the fetal position with a small pillow between my knees, and had trouble moving around. Upon a friends’ urgings and recommendation, I began my healing process with Karen. After several visits my agility improved and eventually I could lie flat on my back again without hurting. I am also comfortable sitting up in bed to read. Currently, I am on a once a month “maintenance program.” This is definitely one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made.” *

-Lola, retired

“It had taken me several months of searching and lengthy investigation for someone, whom I considered qualified, to be a real Shiatsu Therapist, which turned out to be Karen. I tried her first session and am now well into my second year with her. Karen is very thorough and in depth with her therapies as well as knowledgeable of deep tissue massage, which helps with sport injury problems. She has helped me with this type of therapy for some long-term problems I had with driving fire apparatus and lengthy trips in cars that affect the right knee, leg, calf and thigh. The after affects are amazing and health to those areas improved to, what I consider, normal. I am glad that I have found her and consider her a healer as her therapy is that excellent." *


–Robert, retired

* Changes are variable from person to person. Information imparted is for educational use and does not constitute medical advice

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