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Stressed or suffering from Anxiety?

Seeking to improve the quality of your life?


Suffering from chronic pain?

Depressed or grieving?

Feeling out of sorts, and just know there is something better for you?

Looking to try something that’s free from chemical side effects?

Have a recent or chronic sports injury?

Finished with P.T. but still have residual pain?

Karen M. Diefenbach's clients are people who are looking for an entry point into the natural and sustainable world of integrated alternative and holistic healthcare. 

Classical Homœopathy has helped people reach deeper levels of healing.*  For example, their complaints may include things like, anxiety,* addictions,* skin ailments,* and some old chronic causes of complaints.*  Please visit Information about Homœopathy.

Massage/CranioSacral Therapy and/or Yoga can bring awareness to the present moment for most people. Through energizing the physical, we are brought into the now. This mindfulness approach can help connect us to our inner force or spirit.  Joining our mind, body, and spirit together may serve as a guide on our life course towards optimal wellbeing; such as, experiencing greater vitality, a deeper sense of true self, or connection to essential purpose. 

*Changes are variable from person to person.  Information imparted is for educational use and does not constitute medical advice