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Stressed or suffering from Anxiety?

Seeking to improve the quality of your life?


Suffering from chronic pain?

Depressed or grieving?

Feeling out of sorts, and just know there is something better for you?

Looking to try something that’s free from chemical side effects?

Have a recent or chronic sports injury?

Finished with P.T. but still have residual pain?

My clients are people who are looking for an entry point into the natural and sustainable world of Integrated Wellness. My spheres of entry include, therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy,  private yoga, and classical homœopathy; all mind-body approaches to wellness.

Through massage and craniosacral therapy, you will find an experienced practitioner familiar with many somatic issues, and a way to connect with your relaxation response, bringing you closer to yourself, which is a prerequisite for true health and healing.

I also help people start a personal yoga practice or improve their yoga to use in their classes, through private yoga sessions on alignment and addressing their unique movement barriers. Further, I offer Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga in an easeful setting. Additionally, Yoga is a way to reconnect with balance, much needed in becoming really well.

Classical Homœopathy has helped people reach deeper levels of healing, including such complaints like, anxiety*, addictions*, skin ailments* and some old chronic causes of complaints*. I also consult regarding the use of homœopathyfor acute conditions or in avoiding getting ill.

*Changes are variable from person to person.  Information imparted is for educational use and does not constitute medical advice

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